Lauren apologises to Lucy

On Tanya’s insistence, Lauren attempts to apologise to Lucy for hitting her, but Lucy’s not having any of it. Despite the knockback, Lauren then tries apologising to Dot for her behaviour, finding Dot much more forgiving. Confronting Lucy in the cafe, Lauren forces her to acknowledge her apology or risk losing face in front of her customers. After making things right with Whitney and Ian, Lauren bags herself a waitressing job for the restaurant’s opening night.

Alice heads to the park with Scarlett for another illicit meeting with Michael. When she bumps into Janine, she’s forced to let Janine take Scarlett. Pushed to the limit by Michael and Janine’s demands, Alice cancels calls from Michael and shoplifts again. Stressed, Alice tells Michael that she won’t lie to Janine any more. When Alice lets slip that she caught Janine looking wistfully at a photo of her, Scarlett and Michael, he gets an idea.

When Lucy refuses to let Bobby keep his new pet, Bobby asks Fatboy to look after it. As Poppy helps prepare Dot’s house for the vicar’s visit tomorrow, she looks in the pet tank and finds a dead mouse. Assuming Bobby’s pet has died, Poppy leaves the lid off, not realising Bobby’s pet is a snake and the dead mouse is its dinner!