Lauren Branning confides in Whitney

Lauren Branning tells Whitney what’s been going on with Steven.

Lauren Branning is delighted to see Whitney, relieved to have her best mate back in the Square. Popping round for a catch up, it’s not long before Lauren bursts into tears. Whitney is stunned when Lauren reveals that Steven has a brain tumour and she offers her support.

Keanu has taken Arthur’s bench back out into the Square, returning it to its rightful place in the Square gardens. Unfortunately, the social worker had already spotted the stolen bench in their house and reports them to the police. When the coppers come round to arrest Karen, will Keanu admit that it’s all his fault?

Ted and Joyce’s wedding anniversary is fast approaching. Wanting to do something for their special day, Ted asks Fi about holding the party at The Vic. When Fi tells Ted how much it will all cost, however, he is horrified!

Also, Whitney is delighted when fiance Woody arrives in the Square.