Lauren refuses to open up to a worried Abi. Instead, Lauren blurts out that Cora has a secret daughter. A hungover Lauren feels terrible when Cora has a go at her for telling Abi about Ava, then realising she’s forgotten about Tanya’s scan today. When Abi finds Lauren downing a bottle of wine on her own she tells her she’s there for her. A heartbroken Lauren sobs in Abi’s arms.

Shirley, angry at the length of Ben’s prison sentence, tells Jay she wants Phil to pay. She’s shocked when Jay tells her Phil is a changed man and he and Sharon are trying to get Lexi back. Shirley tells Sharon about Phil’s former crack addiction, saying he’s not fit to be a dad. After telling Lola, Sharon and Jack they are mad to trust an evil man like Phil, she warns Phil she’s going to make sure he doesn’t get his way.

Bianca is frustrated when Lola seems to have more customers than her – and more tips – at Booty. She’s happy to finally get a happy client, but after putting her foot in it is left with no tip. Bianca feels even more useless when she returns home to find Carol has already sorted the kids out with their tea.