Lauren & Co make their presence known

Lou’s daughter Lauren arrives in town with her family, including husband Matt who’s transferred to the local police force. His first call-out is to deal with graffiti sprayed on a wall at Lassiters, which Paul isn’t too pleased about. Matt starts his investigations and soon comes to the conclusion that Rani is the culprit but, at the barbie put on to welcome the new family, he manages to offend a defensive Ajay who refuses to let him talk to her. Priya also defends her daughter, until Kate puts two and two together and reveals the truth to her boss. Priya and Ajay have some stern words for Rani and Priya begs Ajay to attend a family counselling course for their daughter’s sake.

Lucas suggests Lauren’s family use his house while he’s staying at the hospital and Lou is grateful but worried how his daughter will take his ‘lowly’ status. When they arrive he avoids talking about it but it all comes out at the Barbie when Sheila reveals some home truths. Lauren is shocked but very understanding – all she wants is the family back together.