Lauren collapses in agony!

It’s the day of Abi’s birthday party and Max and Tanya are angry when they discover that Lauren didn’t return home last night. Sensing that Max is angry, Lucy lies to Max that Lauren went out with her college mates and texted her to tell her. Tanya’s not convinced by Lucy’s story and questions Joey, who confesses Lauren was drinking

When Lauren’s bag is found by Tamwar outside the club, Max and Tanya find Lucy and demand the truth. Lucy finally admits that Lauren left the club with someone, but she didn’t see who. Max insists Lucy go with him to the police station to report Lauren missing. At Abi’s party, Tanya is relieved when Lauren unexpectedly arrives, until Lauren takes a drink and collapses…

Carl’s presence is putting Kirsty on edge, and she’s getting increasingly stressed about still not being pregnant. When she sees Max comforting Tanya about a missing Lauren, it tips her over the edge and she has a drink. Returning home to find a ‘pregnant’ Kirsty boozing, Max is horrified, while Kirsty can’t excuse it. Later, Carl tells Kirsty that she’ll soon be his again as he’s noticed the chemistry between Max and Tanya, and it never goes away.