Lauren collapses!

Lauren and Lucy have a girls’ night out clubbing. After a drunk Lauren falls over outside the club a guy helps her up and she agrees to go to another club with him. When Lucy spots Lauren and drags her out of the car, Lauren has a go at her. Lucy storms off to get a cab, but feeling bad about leaving her alone, she returns to find her. Lucy finds Lauren unconscious and frantically tries to wake her, but with no response.

Whitney is still upset with Tyler over his reaction to her pregnancy scare, despite his promise that he won’t run away when things get difficult. Whitney realises Tyler is right when he says that she’s insecure and she opens up to him. Whitney spots the babygrow in Tyler’s bag and realises he would have supported her after all.

Ian is suspicious when he sees Mandy all dressed up before going out. In the Square, Mandy answers a call from the hospital saying her mum wants her to bring her a new nightie, but she’s not interested. Phil picks up Mandy’s phone when she drops it. Ian sees them chatting and is suspicious. Ian later confronts Mandy, who is angry that Ian still believes her mum’s lies.