Lauren comes face to face with Rob!

Lauren follows Whitney into the pub. Whitney tries to get away from Lauren, but Lauren insists she needs to speak to her. Whitney tells a suspicious Lauren that Rob loves her and is looking after her. Lauren goes back to Whitney’s bedsit and soon realises that Rob has been pimping out Whitney to his mates to pay off his debts. Whitney refuses to listen when a shocked Lauren says Rob is as bad as Tony.

Lauren is scared when a menacing Rob walks into the room. She makes a quick exit when Rob tries to convince her to come to a ‘party’ with him and Whitney. Lauren finds Janine and tells her that she thinks Rob is using Whitney as a prostitute. Meanwhile, an associate of Rob’s arrives at the flat and Rob asks Whitney to ‘be nice to him’ as he owes him some cash.

A shocked Janine goes to the flat to try to talk sense into Whitney. Rob interrupts and throws out Janine, who returns to Lauren and says that they need to call the police. Janine tries to call Whitney, but Rob grabs the phone. Rob tells Whitney it’s time to go and forces Whitney into a car as a horrified Janine and Lauren look on.