Lauren comforts a distraught Peter

The investigation into Lucy’s death begins in earnest, as the family still struggle with their loss. Dot pays the Beales a visit, but can’t comfort a distraught Ian. When the police arrive to look through Lucy’s room for evidence, it’s all too much for Peter. Interrupted by a visit from Lauren, Peter gratefully takes comfort from his friend. Revealing that the memories are too raw for him in Walford, Peter says he wants to leave the Square.

The police question Ian and Cindy together about Lucy. Forced to come clean about finding cocaine in Lucy’s room, Ian is upset when Cindy insists that Lucy’s cocaine use wasn’t a one-off. Ian accuses Cindy of tainting Lucy’s memory. Cindy hits back that she knows he wasn’t where he said he was when Lucy died. The family are stunned when Ian throws her out.

Meanwhile, Denise feels guilty when she realises that Ian had to cope with Lucy’s drug problems all on his own, as he didn’t want to spoil her visit to see Libby.