Lauren confides in Matt about her baby

Lauren’s stunned at Kathy’s shock news that the baby she thought had died is in fact still alive. Kathy attempts to justify her rash, spur of the moment decision but Lauren can’t hear it. She feels utterly betrayed by someone she trusted. Struggling to process, she pushes her mother away and confides in Matt. Although he’s equally stunned, he’s sympathetic and supportive and tries to help her understand why her mother would lie to her. Lauren knows that she must tell Brad the truth, and steels herself to reveal the news that they have a daughter.

Susan’s worried for a devastated Kyle and Georgia who are still navigating post-miscarriage grief. While Georgia seems set on moving on, Kyle seems to be retreating into his grief, and Susan feels like she should help him move forward with his life.

A dejected Callum and Bailey spend the day together, frustrated that they managed to annoy the Josies on their previous double date. But they’re shocked to discover that the Josies have become Facebook friends – and even worse, they’re hanging out together and having fun – without the boys.