Karen’s sunny mood on the way to work is countered by Imogen’s equally black one. However, on arrival at The Mill, Lauren gives Imogen credit for some work which impresses Julia. Later at the Campus though, Lauren insists Imogen completes an exceptionally time-consuming and boring task for Julia.

Imogen sets about the task with determination and is almost done by the end of the day when Lauren takes great pleasure in telling her that she’s managed to complete the task in one click of a mouse.

Elaine, Julia and Karen are knocking around suggestions for their bucket list; Karen wants to try tango, Elaine tai chi and Julia a rock concert. Various suggestions are written up on a board in the staff room and later it appears that their colleagues have had fun making their own suggestions for the ‘list of dreams’ on the board. Later, Elaine excitedly tells Julia and Karen she has booked them into a life-drawing art class.