Lauren dances with Brad in a dream

When Lauren sees Brad dancing with his wife and daughter, it makes her yearn to rekindle that kind of connection with Matt. But Matt’s not in the mood for dancing; not when Paul wants to become Mayor. Later, she has a dream that she is dancing in the arms of a man whom we assume is Matt – until it’s revealed she is dreaming of Brad.

People are reeling in the wake of Paul’s announcement that he’s running for Mayor. Terese is stung to realise she’s being made a scapegoat over the paid parking scheme, as Paul intends to abolish it if elected. Karl is goaded by Paul into announcing he too will run for the mayorship.

As Ellen reacts with fear and anger about Josie’s collapse, Callum blames himself. In the heat of the moment, he finds himself asking her to the school dance with him. Josie declines the offer however and urges him to pursue Imogen instead. But Callum’s feelings for Josie beginning to change.

Sonya urges Imogen to talk to Josie about life not always being roses just because you are society’s idea of a perfect young woman, but Imogen reacts badly, out of fear that her bulimia will be revealed. Later, Brad asks Sonya not to press Imogen about Josie, though he can’t reveal why. But Sonya’s interest has been piqued.