Lucy is frustrated when she’s left dealing with a broken boiler in the cafe while Lauren and Whitney head off to earn some free gig tickets by volunteering at a homeless centre. Stuck with a big bill and no money to pay it, Lucy finds a way to come up with some cash along with Fatboy, Anthony, Joey and Ben’s help. Meanwhile, when a tired Lauren and Whitney take the last of the food to the homeless hostel, Lauren is stunned when she realises a dirty and dishevelled tramp is actually Ian!

Kim becomes increasingly unsettled by Ray’s suspicious behaviour after discovering missed calls on his phone from a mysterious woman. She’s worried that her relationship is slipping away from her when Ray makes up a dodgy excuse to cover where he’s been all day. Kim confronts Ray in front of a confused Sasha, who is left upset.

Tanya still wants answers from Cora about her mystery sister, but Cora won’t talk to her. Max attempts to get Cora to open up, but she remains tight-lipped. Tanya feels bad about pushing Cora for answers and wonders if she’s being selfish. Lauren takes a different approach and manages to get Cora to reconcile with Tanya.