Lauren eyes Mrs Tembe’s job!

When a postcard from Mrs Tembe arrives at The Mill, Lauren wonders what will happen if she doesn’t come back and Julia says they’ll need a new receptionist. Imogen is horrified at the thought of it being Lauren, who makes her clean the shelves in reception. Julia is impressed by this and by Lauren sweet-talking Heston to come in on his day off. Julia says if Mrs Tembe doesn’t come back then they’ll see.

At a funeral of one of her patients, Elaine sees a woman, Maggie, and works out that she was the other woman of her late patient – he’d told her everything. Maggie tells Elaine she may still be hiding, but she wouldn’t change a second. With that, Elaine calls Harrison and tells him they need rules. The first one – no evidence, nothing to connect them.

From a parked car opposite Cherry’s house, Harcourt watches her leave for work and notes down the time. Later, Harcourt enters an empty property and, in the front bedroom, he starts pinning notes, photos and maps to the wall. When Cherry gets home it transpires that Harcourt is in a house opposite with photos of Eva, Jimmi, Cherry and his son Callum, along with a map of Jimmi’s house, on the wall. Harcourt watches Cherry with binoculars and smiles…

Also, Karen’s patient is dead, but that doesn’t stop him causing her a whole heap of trouble.