Lauren falls out with Lucy and Whitney

Lauren discovers that not only is Joey off the hook with Lucy, she’s in the dog house with Lucy and Whitney for releasing Joey from the handcuffs. When Lauren finds Joey she tries to slap him, but he grabs her arm. As Joey lets go Lauren insists she’s on to him. Later Joey talks Lauren round, saying how much he values her.

Sharon visits Phil to warn him not to stress Ian over Lexi’s residency order. As Sharon gets ready to leave she notices Phil’s living room is filled with old photos of her and Phil! Forced to admit that he put her name on the residency order as his fiancee, Phil tries to justify his actions. Sharon is initially swayed by Phil’s plea that it was all for Lola until she finds out that Lola knows nothing about it. Sharon demands Phil take her name off the order.

Carol visits Walford with Liam, Tiff and Morgan. She’s unimpressed to find a cupboard in the house piled high with Derek’s dodgy gear. Derek apologises when Carol tells him to get rid immediately as Bianca can’t risk any illegal goings-on when she returns in a few weeks’ time. Derek stashes the dodgy gear and counterfeit money in the garage, hiding Carol’s letter from David.