Lauren feels deceived by Matt

Lauren realises just how much has been kept from her and feels deceived by Matt, blaming him for not being there when her children needed her most. She tries to catch up with how Bailey and Amber are feeling but when it comes to Matt, she feels she doesn’t know the man she’s married to.

Tash tries to explain to Andrew that she’s feeling restless but is interrupted by a text from Paul demanding his son’s presence. Later she sees just how heartless Paul is when he demands a condolences book is removed from Charlie’s and stresses the power he has over Andrew. Tash has had enough.

Meanwhile, Paul’s advised by his solicitor that Elaine Lawson may settle as she needs the money for her medical expenses and he devises a sneaky plan to get her to agree. Andrew is clearly uncomfortable with his father’s devious machinations and has a decision to make when Tash announces she’s leaving for Europe and wants him to come with her.

And Sophie applies to another music school in Sydney, tricking Paul into signing her application forms.