Lauren is disappointed when Joey suggests they stay friends, not wanting to hurt her recovery. Lauren heads to the club with Whitney and Lucy, prompting a worried Joey to warn a tipsy Whitney to be careful around Lauren. Feeling paranoid Lauren demands to know what’s going on and is stunned when Whitney blurts out that she slept with Joey! Lauren brushes it off but, devastated, she sneaks a glass of vodka out of the club, taking a big gulp before spitting it out, sobbing.

Sharon asks Joey to manage R&R for the evening, impressed when he arranges for Sadie to run a pop-up salon in the club until Beauty’s opens. When Joey sees a bag of drugs on the floor, he waits until someone returns looking for them. Spotting the guy giving the drugs to Carl, Joey confronts him. Carl warns him off, threatening to hurt Alice.

Ian prepares some sample canapés for Sadie as she needs a caterer for the salon launch party. When Denise has a treatment at Sadie’s pop-up salon, she’s shocked to overhear that Sadie has booked another caterer and never intended to hire Ian. Warning Sadie to keep the locals onside, Denise is pleased when Sadie asks Ian to cater for the party after all.