Lauren finds out about Newt and Theresa

Ricky goes off to investigate in the morning when the gang discover that another tent has been put up next to theirs. Anita worries for his safety and sends Newt after him. Lauren follows and makes a pass at Newt and is gutted when he turns her down. Ricky finds the mystery camper is a guy called Wade and Lauren wastes no time in cosying up to him. Theresa demands attention when Newt worries about Lauren and a devastated Lauren sees them kissing.

Rhys and Hayley have a set to at a club night at the SU Bar and Hayley storms off. Rhys pretends not to care and sets about flirting with other girls. Hayley manages to humiliate Rhys, who takes revenge by ruining her chances with a flirty student. The pair secretly enjoy their game and they soon end up snogging!

Hannah is determined to shake off her goody two shoes reputation. Hannah claims she’s going to rock it out at the SU Bar, but Nancy and Zoe don’t think she’s got it in her. Hannah vows to do something wild to shake off her good girl image.

Also, Josh makes a new friend, Dave, who challenges him to a drinking competition.

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