Lauren frames Anita

Lauren is riled when she sees Newt with Anita at the school gates and she pretends to be scared to go in because of the bullies. Newt tries to reassure her but he backs off when Lauren tries to kiss him. Anita bumps into Lauren in the toilets and Lauren dunks her head in the sink then runs out and tells Newt, Theresa and Gov she’s been bog-washed, leaving an innocent Anita to take the rap.

Sarah is flustered when she sees Lydia at college and Zoe picks up on her edginess. Sarah confides in Zoe that someone made a pass at her but she cuts it short when Lydia walks in. The three girls end up having a relaxing drink together and a tipsy Sarah later confesses that she enjoyed her kiss with Lydia.

Josh is hurt and angry after finding out about Ste‘s kiss with Amy they come to blows again. Josh confronts Amy about her betrayal and she begs forgiveness. Josh tells Amy that things won’t be right until Ste is out of their lives. A desperate Amy tells a horrified Ste that he’s banned from being at their baby’s birth.

Also, Ravi is horrified when Kris invites himself to a Roy family celebration.

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