When Lauren finds a hotel room card from Lassiters in Matt’s jacket pocket, he admits that he was propositioned at the wedding reception. He didn’t accept but is still unable to forgive Lauren, and she’s gutted. Coming to a decision, she gives Matt an ultimatum – they either fix their marriage or they walk away.

Paul gives Daniel a hard time and Daniel quits. Concerned that losing Daniel is going to affect her illegal activities, Dakota manipulates a smitten Paul into convincing Daniel to return to work. Later, when Daniel is unloading a pallet of coffee beans, Dakota secretly checks the contents of one of the boxes and it’s clear that something very illegal is going on.

It’s the morning after their wedding but Georgia and Kyle partied so hard the night before, they fell asleep without consummating their wedding vows! Sheila turns up, keen to keep the party going and Kyle asks Bailey to help get rid of her. Bailey convinces Sheila to come away with him, leaving the newlyweds alone to finally consummate their vows.