Lauren goes into labour!

Jane pleads with Lauren to keep the secret about Bobby, insisting that Max will be found innocent. When Lauren learns the details about the trial, she confronts Abi, begging her not to give evidence against Max. Feeling pressured, it looks like Abi’s been convinced by Lauren. Putting another plan into action, Lauren finds Cora, delaying her from going to court by taking her to the Vic. Babe calls the police, who arrive to take Cora to the trial. Finding her plan to save Max unravelling, Lauren confronts Jane, claiming she’s going to tell the truth, but then her waters break!

Sharon insists on taking the money to Kathy instead of Phil. At the hotel, Sharon is angry when Kathy claims she’s not leaving Walford without seeing her sons first. Letting slip that Phil has known she’s alive for years, Kathy shocks Sharon, who storms out. Packing a bag, Sharon returns her wedding ring to Phil, telling him it’s over.

Lee is the first witness to take the stand in Max’s trial. Questioned by a determined Marcus, Lee is forced to confess that he lost his job and lied under oath about it. Meanwhile, when Charlie realises Ronnie has been sleeping with Vincent, he furiously tells her he wants custody of Matthew.