Max discovers Lauren packing to leave. Lauren tells Max that she’s moving back with Tanya, as she can’t live with a murderer. Max is stunned that Lauren thinks he killed Archie. He insists that he’s protecting the real killer’s identity and Lauren relents. At the Vic Lauren has a run in with Stacey, who lets slip that Max promised he’ll always look after her. Lauren suddenly clicks that Stacey is Archie’s killer…

Glenda flashes her credit cards to talk round the hotel manager and Ronnie and Jack’s wedding goes ahead. The wedding party have to do a runner from the venue as soon as the vows are finished. Back at the Vic, Kat and Alfie discover that the celebrant has already left, but they decide to have a party anyway. Ronnie asks Alfie and Kat if they can join in.

Pregnant brides Kat and Ronnie bond. Ronnie helps Alfie make a heart out of candles in the Square and they share a romantic moment. Roxy is determined to find out where her bag of money went. Ronnie thinks that their dad’s money was cursed and they’re both better off with it gone. Meanwhile, Phil and Shirley are lying on a bed covered in bank notes…

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