Lauren has serious liver damage

Max and Tanya are devastated to discover that Lauren has got hepatitis because of her drinking and her liver is damaged. After the doctor talks to them about Lauren’s history of drinking, it’s clear that it’s been exacerbated by Max and Tanya’s marriage troubles. Tanya is told that if Lauren drinks again it could kill her. Max tries to reassure Tanya, insisting they can keep an eye on Lauren together.

Kirsty struggles to learn that Max is spending time with Tanya while Lauren is in hospital. Kat finds a letter for Kirsty, a note from Carl with his number. A stressed Max tells Kirsty that their baby means everything to him. Kirsty meets with Carl to tell him to back off then reveals to Kat that she’s a day late with her period, full of hope.

Alice does a whip round for Lauren after finding out she’s been hospitalised. Feeling guilty for lying about where Lauren was, Lucy contributes. When Joey confronts Lucy for lying to Max, Peter stands up for her and a fight breaks out. A frustrated Alice tells her friends that if they weren’t so wrapped up in themselves they might have noticed how ill Lauren was before it went too far.