Lauren is arrested

Lauren heads to the Vic with Abi, desperate for a drink, but is soon confronted by the police who arrest her for assaulting Lucy. At the police station, Max tries to talk Lucy into dropping the charges, while a stressed Tanya breaks down. When Joey convinces Lucy not to press charges, Lauren is released. Tanya is relieved when Max promises to be there for the family – but Kirsty isn’t!

After taking Scarlett round to see Michael, Alice feels pressured when Michael insists on seeing Scarlett every day. When Janine gives Alice a Booty’s pamper package as a thank you for looking after Scarlett, Alice feels guilty. As her stress levels increase, Alice turns to shoplifting again, adding another item to the dozens of unused stolen goods in her room.

Ava brokers an uneasy peace with Dexter, who is still angry that she’s brought Sam back into their lives. Her good work is undone, however, when they bump into Sam. When Cora realises that Ava is uneasy around Sam, Ava confesses that she almost kissed him. Ava later sees Sam and when he kisses her this time she doesn’t resist.

Also, Shirley and Sharon bond over Phil’s treatment of them.