Lauren wants to get back to normal, although Max, Cora and Abi worry she’s returned too soon. Realising she’s got a lot to set right, Lauren apologises to Whitney, Lucy and Joey. When Max wants to take Lauren back to the clinic, she insists she’s staying put, but will do whatever it takes to make a fresh start. Meanwhile, Kirsty’s heartbroken as she lets Max go when he says Lauren is his priority.

Poppy is mortified when Sadie’s first job for her at the new salon ‘Beauty’s’ is handing out promotional leaflets. Determined to make a success of the salon, Sadie sets up in the market offering the local men free massages. Ignoring Poppy’s advice about winding up the local ladies with her flirting, Sadie later realises Poppy was right. Poppy is pleased when Sadie offers her a drink as an apology.

Lucy is unhappy that Janine won’t give her any responsibility, after Billy gets Lucy to sort out some filing. Ian is amused when Janine tells Lucy that she’ll have to earn her trust first. When Janine later tells Lucy she can choose a business from the portfolio to make more efficient, Lucy has a real test of her loyalty when she finds out that Ian has been short-changing Janine from the restaurant profits!