Lauren is haunted by her past

While unpacking, Lauren comes across an old sketchbook. But she quickly hides it when she finds a mysterious drawing inside. Later, the Turners go to the Willis house for the first Bite Club. But Lauren’s discomfort returns when an insecure Matt starts goading Brad, still feeling threatened by their fling. Terese makes an effort to befriend her husband’s ex and Lauren tries hard to reciprocate. But when Lauren returns home, it’s revealed the drawing she’s hiding from her family is of a young Brad Willis.

Kate tells Paul she’s determined to win Mason back, and lets it slip that Brennan kissed her. Meanwhile, Mason starts to have second thoughts after Lauren makes him realise he’s being immature. But when Paul tells him about the kiss, Mason’s gutted. When Kate finally comes clean about the kiss – it’s too little too late for Mason. Their relationship is over – for good and both he and Kate are left devastated.

Kyle learns his eyesight is not improving. Desperate to act as though things are normal, he insists on helping Chris at the Yard. Annoyed when he’s unable to be of use, he storms home and is almost hit by a car. When Georgia learns of the near-miss and starts to fuss over Kyle, he loses it.