Lauren is out of control

Lauren wakes up in hospital, while a worried Lucy heads to the Brannings and tells them about Lauren’s collapse. The family are both relieved and furious when Lauren walks in and they have a go at her. When the guy from the club, Dan, turns up with Lauren’s abandoned bag, Lauren takes the opportunity to go with him. Dan tries it on, after giving her booze, but she pushes him away and heads to Lucy’s. A furious Lucy realises Lauren’s drunk and she tells her she’s on her own.

A competitive Afia is determined that the restaurant refurbishment will be a success after finding out an old school friend has been named Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Tamwar is frustrated by the scale of Afia’s plans and calls Zainab to talk sense into her. Afia’s furious that Tamwar has sided with his mum against her.

While they’re having a romantic breakfast in bed, Kim lets slip to Ray that Carol is taking the kids to Suffolk. Ray is shocked, as he didn’t know Carol was taking Morgan away from the Square and immediately calls her. Kim is annoyed that Ray is too preoccupied with his kids to spend time on her. Meanwhile, Derek tries to find a way to stall Carol.