Lauren is terrified by a violently angry Jake!

Lauren holds her head high when she goes to work, after dealing with Abi and Cora’s shock when they learn of her affair. At the salon, Lauren is stunned to discover that Sadie has left Jake. Rushing to Jake’s side, Lauren is concerned to see that Jake has been drinking. When a manic Jake gets into his car, Lauren feels forced to follow him. Jake becomes even more agitated when he thinks Lauren’s about to call someone, leaving Lauren terrified.

Mick has come up with the bright idea of getting Wayne to help with the pub refurbishments, hoping he’ll make a mess of it and it will put Nancy off. When Wayne, instead, makes a good job of things, Mick and Linda are dismayed. Linda thinks up a way to get rid of Wayne for good…

Max has been left rattled after the recent problems with Lauren along with David throwing his weight around at the car lot. David helps put things in perspective for Max, resolving the issues between them. After a heart-to-heart, Max sees how lucky he is that Lauren chose him over Tanya.

Also, Cindy confides in Tina when she decides to have an abortion. Kat asks Shirley to help her sell the meat.