Lauren learns Amber’s secret

Lou finds Amber’s discarded pregnancy test in the bin and tells Lauren. She confronts her daughter who reassures her mother but is unwilling to reveal who the boyfriend is. Lauren’s somewhat disconcerted when Bailey and Mason seem to know more about the boyfriend than they’re willing to say and when Matt returns home wanting to speak to Mason about Robbo, the whole story starts to emerge. Soon, a horrified Lauren realises her family have been hiding an awful lot from her.

Sheila grills Bailey and Mason about the money but they tell her it’s Lou’s, earned through his escort work. Sheila challenges Lou but he goes along with the boys’ story to retrieve the cash. When he confronts them, however, he won’t hand it over until they’ve explained where the money’s come from.

Toadie shows Sonya their wedding video to try spark her memory but it’s no use. And when Matt asks her to recognise one of the Lassiters raiders from a police photo line-up, her memory fails again. Her disappointment is tempered, however, by the reminder that two people lost more than their memories on her wedding day.