Lauren lies dead on the kitchen floor!

Lauren is dead on the kitchen floor while Harrison is in the living room, holding a towel in a daze. Harrison finds her body and has no idea what’s happened – then suddenly he remembers what happened a few hours before…

After hearing Kevin at Lauren’s door, Harrison accuses her of sleeping with him, but she says Kevin’s just obsessed. Lauren gives Harrison the key to her house and assures him that Kevin is only interested because she’s clearly being satisfied by Harrison.

Back in the present, Harrison looks at an empty wine bottle in the living room and his mind goes back to them drinking. Lauren opens up about her past; Harrison is sympathetic and they make their way upstairs, undressing.

In the present, Harrison stares at the crumpled sheets in Lauren’s bedroom. An hour earlier, Harrison and Lauren are in bed together, but when Lauren badmouths Elaine, he jumps to her defence, and Lauren wants him to leave.

In the present, Harrison then recalls Lauren’s last moments. He asks what’s gone wrong and Lauren admits she’s been sleeping with Kevin. When Harrison is threatening, Lauren kicks him out and locks the door.

Outside, a furious Harrison opens the door with the key she gave him. He creeps up behind Lauren and strangles her with the tea towel. In the present, Harrison drops the tea towel as he realises he is a murderer…