Lauren lies to Tanya

Lauren is annoyed when she sneaks in some bags of shopping for a surprise breakfast when Tanya assumes she’s got booze in there. After a snub from Whitney in Booty’s, Lauren tells Tanya that she’s going out with her friend ‘Hannah’. Heading to the allotment with a bottle of wine, it’s clear Lauren lied. On advice from Patrick she comes clean with Tanya about the extent of her drinking problem.

Max wants to tell Adam to back off, but Kirsty tells him to leave it. Max and Jack come up with a plan to get Adam and Carl out of the picture. When Max confronts Adam and tells him to stay away from Kirsty, Adam punches him. Kirsty is upset with Max for seeing Adam and thinks he’s only caused more trouble.

Ray enjoys being spoilt by Kim, but snaps at her when she doesn’t wake him up, making him late for his shift at the pub. After talking to Roxy about daughters, he realises he needs to be near Sasha full time. Ray tells Kim he’s quit his job and is leaving. When Ray invites Kim to go with him, she says ‘yes’!

Also, Sharon tries to get back with Phil, but he’s not interested.