Lauren loses it and punches Lucy!

Tanya is reluctant to get Max involved when Cora reveals she thinks that Lauren stole money from her. When Abi finds out about the stolen cash, she encourages Lauren to repay Cora. Lauren’s good intentions go out the window when Tanya accuses her of being like her addict aunt Rainie. Desperate for a drink, Lauren loses it with Lucy, who is trying to wind her up over Joey. Punching Lucy, Lauren throws a jar of sugar through the cafe window then leaves.

Lola is over the moon to have Lexi back, but Billy worries that she’s not getting enough sleep. When Trish visits she’s impressed with how Lola has been coping, but she realises Lola is trying to do too much. Trish assures Lola she won’t have Lexi taken from her if she asks for some help, giving Lola food for thought.

After Shirley tells Phil that Sharon’s under the impression they could get back together, Phil invites Sharon and Dennis for dinner to make things clear. Telling Phil that Dennis misses living with him, Sharon moves in for a kiss. Disgusted that Sharon is trying to use Dennis to get back with him, Phil pushes her away.