Lauren makes her escape!

Lauren is getting edgy from alcohol withdrawal. Calling to Whitney from the window, she’s furious to learn Tanya has told Whitney not to give Lauren drink. After Lauren tricks Tanya into leaving the room, she grabs Tanya’s keys to make a run for it, but her hands are too shaky to open the lock before Tanya catches her. Desperate for a drink, Lauren risks her life by climbing out of her bedroom window, almost falling. Lauren tells Tanya and Max she’d rather be dead than locked in, and runs off.

Alice is loved up after losing her virginity to Michael, not realising that he can’t get away from her quick enough. When Alice tells Kat that she’s going to have her ‘new man’ round, Kat mentions it to Michael, who realises he needs to be straight with Alice. Cruelly, Michael devastates Alice, telling her he was using her for sex and nothing more.

Lucy investigates when another cheque bounces, searching through Ian’s paperwork. After discovering Derek’s lock box, she finds a letter addressed to Carol. Lucy is suspicious when Ian walks in and seems nervous to find her with the lock box. After finding out from Bianca that Carol received a letter from David not long ago, she takes the letter from the lock box, pocketing it.