Lauren is having second thoughts about the meeting she arranged with the mysterious client, worried about coming face-to-face with Lucy’s killer. When Peter finds out he begs Lauren to drop it, insisting the police have already followed the lead. When a stubborn Lauren arranges to meet the client in the cafe, Peter tries to convince her to come home, but she refuses. After a frustrated Peter leaves, the mystery emailer arrives – it’s Jake!

Peter returns to the market stall in an attempt to get back to normal. Trying to keep things low key, he’s annoyed when everyone makes a fuss of him on his first day back. Peter is grateful when Alfie behaves normally with him, even suggesting a new business idea. When Lola offers to cook Peter a special meal, he lies to her that he has other plans.

Dot tells a white lie to get Charlie to spend some time with her. Enjoying his company, Dot suggests that Charlie moves to Walford. Dot is taken aback when Charlie instead suggests that she move to be nearer to him, but she doesn’t throw out the idea. Meanwhile, funeral director Les is a bit short of cash and decides to blackmail Charlie for his silence.