Lauren meets up with Jake

Lauren is pleased to bump into Jake at the counselling session, as she hasn’t seen him for ages. Handing Lauren his number, Jake says he’d like to talk to her after the session. When they meet up Jake confesses he’s been kicked out by his wife over his drinking. After agreeing to see Jake again, Lauren arrives home to find an upset Abi with Joey. When Abi won’t confide in her, Joey wonders if everything is okay between the sisters.

Dexter picks up on an atmosphere between Sam and Ava and thinks they’re splitting up. After leaving football training, Dexter bumps into Sam, who assures him that he and his mum are solid. During a kickabout Sam collapses. Getting Sam home, Dexter is shocked when Ava insists on a calling an ambulance, prompting Sam to confess that he needs an urgent kidney transplant.

Roxy is annoyed when Kirsty doesn’t show up for work as she’s secretly arranged to see Ronnie. When Kat offers to help, Alfie turns her down, sensing Roxy’s uncomfortable with their closeness. Roxy finds Ronnie in the club. Roxy tells Ronnie it feels like she’s cheating on Alfie by seeing Ronnie on the quiet but she admits she’s worried about Alfie and Kat.