Lauren plays games to win back Newt

Lauren is heartbroken when she sees Newt and Anita kiss and tells Anita she’ll never have what she had with Newt. Newt finds Lauren in tears by her locker, which is sprayed with graffiti and he feels bad for her when she tells him it’s been going on for some time. Later, Lauren heads back to school under the cover of darkness and it’s clear she’s been doing the graffiti herself.

Ste is stunned when Natty tells him he had a little boy yesterday but his girlfriend told him he isn’t the baby’s father. Ste’s thoughts turn to his own baby’s imminent arrival and Theresa is gutted when Ste snubs her in favour of Amy after Natty encourages Ste to win Amy round and get involved in his baby’s life.

Archie is still on his mission to win Sarah over and in attempt to raise some cash for her ‘be a millionaire’ challenge, Archie sets up a stand outside the SU Bar selling tickets for a bogus May Day ball. Sarah is unimpressed with his antics but when Archie appears at the end of a line of Hare Krishna’s and declares he’s a spiritual millionaire she can’t help but laugh.

Also, Sasha breaks down on Calvin over her split from Warren.

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