Lauren rages at Anita

Lauren joins a poetry competition at school to get back in Newt’s good books. Theresa steals Lauren’s poem for Anita and Lauren is furious when she arrives for the competition to hear Anita is reading her poem. Lauren later tips a smoothie over Anita in revenge and a furious Newt bans Lauren from coming near them again.

Kris is worried when Nancy is frosty with him and he realises that something is up. Kris goes for a drink with Ravi and they are both rattled when Nancy turns up unannounced. Nancy struggles to cope with the attention from Kris in front of Ravi and she tells him that she can’t carry on with the lies and it’s over between them.

Hannah begs Ash not to press charges against Justin. Ash wants an apology from Justin in return but Justin refuses and tells Hannah that Ash missed her calls because he was chatting up a girl. Ash talks his way out of the situation and Hannah believes him. Hannah tells Justin that Ash is dropping the charges. Justin can barely contain his feelings for Hannah and the attraction between them mounts.

Also, Carmel resigns as PCSO and asks Calvin for a divorce.

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