Lauren Branning is about to reveal dad Max’s explosive secret!

Lauren Branning wants to go public with Willmott Brown’s plans for the Square but her dad Max tries to keep her quiet after a warning from his boss.

Willmott Brown has words with Max about Lauren. He reveals that Lauren is onto their plans for the Square, and warns Max to stop her from revealing the truth to the residents. Max arranges to meet up with Lauren and convinces her not to go public with the bombshell, insisting that the plan isn’t even confirmed yet. An uneasy Lauren agrees to keep quiet but she realises that her conscience is going to get the better of her. Willmott Brown overhears when she tells Max that she’s changed her mind. Is she in danger?

Phil gets an unexpected visit from on old cellmate, Aidan, and is delighted to see him again. Aidan and Phil have a catch up and Aidan introduces himself to a perplexed Sharon. After Aidan leaves, Phil is left wondering why Aidan visited the Square as it looks like he had an ulterior motive – especially when Phil sees Aidan speaking to Vincent…

Woody is torn when he gets a great job offer managing a bar in Spain but realises he needs to stay for Whitney. After talking to Linda, Woody is encouraged to suggest to Whitney that she come abroad with him.

Also, Willmott Brown visits Ben at the garage and he tells him to leave.