Lauren, Lucy and Whitney have a night out at the club. An increasingly drunk Lauren winds up Whitney by flirting with Tyler then offends Fat Boy. Lucy and Fat Boy decide to take Lauren home when she causes a scene. Lauren wanders off and ends up slumped in the gutter. Fat Boy and Lucy take Lauren back to the Butchers’. Whitney is painfully reminded of Billie’s alcohol-induced death and decides to fetch Tanya.

Meanwhile, Tanya has had an honest chat with her nurse Jacqui about her reluctance to have sex. Jacqui encourages Tanya to speak to Max honestly. Tanya and Max go out for dinner, but things are awkward between them. Tanya lies to Max that she’s been advised to not have sex for a while. Back home, Tanya is shocked when Whitney arrives to tell her about Lauren. Tanya worries her family is falling apart.

Michael and Janine hold an engagement party. Michael’s taken aback when it’s revealed that Janine won’t be taking his name. Michael is even more put out when Janine announces to everyone they’re having a pre-nup. Michael insists he can look after himself when Jean says Janine is dangerous. Michael makes a speech about ‘sparks, dangers, and surprises’ in their relationship. What is he planning?