Paige witnesses Bailey stealing money from the till and when Amber realises they’re a hundred dollars short she immediately suspects Paige. When Lauren learns that Paige has just splashed out on extra groceries – she’s forced to believe that Paige is the culprit and fires her. However, she later tells Bailey she knows the truth – and she warns him that he needs to stop drinking. When Paige goes to collect her severance pay, she accuses Lauren of being a terrible mother. Lauren is shocked by the outburst, having no idea what’s prompted it. 

Naomi arranges for an acquaintance, Lee, to pose as her stalker – paying him to break into her house so she can make sure Sheila’s there to see. The plan goes awry, however, when Toadie spies Lee fleeing Number 26 and goes after him. Even though Lee got away, Toadie’s more than happy to give a description to the police. Although worried, Naomi revels in the attention Toadie’s giving her… When Lee discovers the police have been involved, he demands five thousand dollars in compensation.

Knowing that Brennan’s still feeling down, Sonya encourages him to join in with the interstate pool competition. Everyone has fun and Brennan has to admit – it’s nice to be back among friends.