Gaz approaches Lauren and she nods in the direction of Rae and Newt. When Rae notices Lauren staring at her an argument ensues. Gaz teases Newt about the lawnmower race and Rae springs to his defense. Lauren and Gaz notice and they hatch a plan to fake an argument. Newt jumps in but Lauren tells him to mind his own business and he leaves, oblivious to the fact that Lauren has stolen his phone.

Rae receives a text and goes to find Newt, she’s pushed into a room and Lauren and Gaz lock her in. Later, they bump into Newt and he hears his phone ringing, grabbing it from Lauren. He answers the phone to a panicked Rae before coming to her rescue.

Hayley’s frustrated and tells Josh she’s going to have the baby alone. As Charlotte walks through the skate park she sees Zoe and the pair put their differences aside. When Hayley returns to the flat the atmosphere is tense and the group begin to argue. Charlotte threatens to leave and Hayley confides that she is scared of being alone.

Also; Cindy misses Holly’s dance competition and Loretta takes over; Tony tells Cindy he’s bought Tan & Tumble, and she tells him she’ll take over.

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