Lauren tells Lou she kissed Brad

Feeling guilty over their clandestine kiss in Adelaide, Brad and Lauren are over-compensating with their partners. Lou confronts Lauren, admitting he has observed some odd behaviour since she returned from Adelaide. Lauren crumbles and confesses her wrongdoing. Although Lou’s sympathetic, Lauren’s left in turmoil. How on earth can she fix the mess she’s caused?

While Paul tries to come to terms with his role in Kate’s death, Matt informs Brennan they finally have a suspect – Victor Cleary. A tip-off on Cleary’s whereabouts leads Matt to a hut on a local industrial estate.

An angry Brennan confronts Paul over his culpability in Kate’s death and it’s clear Paul blames himself as much as Brennan does. Paul takes flowers to Kate’s grave where he discovers a sinister present. All the while, someone watches him from the shadows…

While Paige subtly tries to get to know Brad, she also manages to pique Terese’s suspicions and Matt offers to look into Paige’s background. But when Paige finds out, she decides to check-out of Lassiters, which Terese thinks is a good idea. She hears that Brennan is still looking for a housemate, and when the pair get on well, he agrees she can move in.