Lauren and Anita walk home and they bump into Gaz, and suddenly Lauren’s demeanour changes. Anita realises that it has all been an act as Lauren turns on her. A smug Gaz watches on as Lauren beats Anita. Anita is left feeling as though all the lies she has told in the past have come back to haunt her.

Tony arrives at the hospital to find Holly alone, he apologises for his behaviour before she ran away. Later, Cindy watches on as Tony explains to Holly that he wants to continue to play a part in her life. When Holly forgives him and asks if he is still going to be in her life, Tony looks to Cindy.

Kris is still struggling as a student mentor despite toning down his unique dress sense. After a run-in with Gaz, Kris tries to talk to Nancy but she is determined to keep up the pretence that she’s busy with a new man.

Also; Des puts Ricky in detention and Kris tries to talk to him about any problems he has. Desperate to get back to his Dad, Ricky sees an opportunity to escape and makes a run for it. Determined to do his job well, Kris tries to stop Ricky, but it has disastrous consequences.

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