Lauren charges Emma’s phone following her shock discovery of the incriminating piece of paper. Trying to guess the passcode, she’s frustrated when she can’t get into it. After helping Max at the car lot, Lauren tells Abi and Whitney she can’t marry Peter. Stressed out, she has another go at getting into Emma’s phone. When she spots a bottle of whisky it’s too much for her and she opens it…


Roxy has hope for a brief time when Ronnie’s pulse rate increases while she’s with her. Later, finding Charlie Roxy breaks down on him, revealing the doctor insisted that it didn’t mean anything. Roxy confesses that the hospital will try to wake Ronnie from her induced coma next week, but if she doesn’t respond, there will be nothing more they can do.


The day of Phil’s bail hearing, Sharon tells Max that Phil will be home soon, so he’d better watch his back. When she turns up for the hearing, she realises that Phil told her the wrong time and is already out – and missing.


Also, Nick is suffering withdrawal symptoms and asks Dot to get him some more drugs.