Lauren is fuming when she sees dad Max talking to Stacey and she wraps up the incriminating wedding DVD. Lauren considers leaving it as a present for Tanya but instead posts it to Bradley. Lauren gets cold feet and she rescues the DVD from the Brannings and throws it in her bedroom bin. When Tanya spots the DVD she assumes it’s a Christmas present and puts it back under the tree…

Ian bottles telling Jane that he has made his peace with Steven but Jane is angry when she sees Steven in the Square. She demands to know why Ian failed to mention that Steven was still in Walford. Later, Ian takes a Christmas present to Steven and accidentally ends up inviting him for Christmas dinner but he can’t bring himself to confess to Jane!

Heather decides to organise Christmas carols in the Square when Peggy is too busy. Heather hands out flyers for the carols but she’s disappointed when hardly anyone turns up. Shirley comes to the rescue and kicks off the singing after roping in a Salvation Army band.

Also, Phil questions Jack about Louise’s whereabouts; Denise is happy when she learna that Chelsea will soon be out of prison.

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