The Hollins’ family laugh over breakfast at Karen’s discovery of Elaine’s affair with Rob’s colleague Dr Harrison Kellor. Rob arranges work experience for Jack to shadow love-cheat Harrison. Later, Lauren lords it up at the Campus reception, flirting with Kevin and putting down Imogen.

Once at The Mill, Imogen confides in Karen that she desperately wants things to return to normal between her and Rob. Karen calls Rob and suggests he takes Imogen out for a heart-to-heart after work. In the pub, Rob and Imogen apologise to each other over a quick pint – but Imogen would love more time.
At home, Imogen complains to an unsympathetic Karen about Lauren.

Elaine’s not having a good day. Julia’s avoiding her and Freya’s pity is irritating. To make matters worse Heston seems to have no time for her. Elaine feels low.

Also, Kevin encounters a woman overwhelmed with caring for her sick father.