Lauren’s anxious about Whitney’s safety

Lauren leaves a message on Whitney’s phone apologising for falling out with her. Later, she misses a call from Whitney when her phone jams and it goes to voicemail. The message is from a sinister sounding man insisting that Lauren has the wrong number. Lauren is alarmed, as she knows that the phone is Whitney’s. Lauren confronts Janine, who is forced to admit she lied about Whitney staying with Ryan – she doesn’t know where Whitney is!

Jodie’s plans to go shopping with Vanessa are frustrated when Darren forces her to take George while he goes to a car auction. Jodie secretly palms George off on a delighted Heather. When Darren gets back and sees Heather in the launderette with George he’s furious. Jodie lies that she left George with Heather while she nipped to the loo and Darren buys her story.

Fatboy and Mo are both after Whitney’s empty pitch at the market. Fatboy is chuffed when Mr Lister agrees to let him have the stall. Mercy can’t understand why Fatboy wants a market stall. Fatboy reveals his mum and dad are splitting up, his dad’s lost his job, and he needs to earn his own living from now on.

Also, Abi gets a date with Jay.