Lauren’s infidelity causes shockwaves

Paige can’t understand where Terese and Lauren’s conflict comes from, and Bailey confides in her about Lauren and Brad’s kiss. Paige reels as she contemplates the idea that her parents still hold a torch for one another. Elsewhere, Lou discovers that everyone knows about Lauren’s infidelity because of him. Concerned, Lou encourages Lauren to make amends with Terese but she tells Lauren to get out of her house.

Rattled Chris struggles to come to terms with Nate’s violent outburst and Nate vows he’ll never treat Chris that way again. Reaching an understanding, Chris gives Nate a second chance, while Nate asks Susan to let him know if his conduct ever oversteps the mark.

Current Mayor, Sue Parker, thinks that Paul covets his former position. And she’s right as Paul privately hires Toadie to help him be reinstated as Mayor. However, on the morning of launching his campaign, Sonya and Toadie discover the nursery has been looted. Paul has obviously made an enemy.