Lou’s first wife and Lauren’s mother, Kathy, arrives for a surprise visit to Erinsborough, off the back of Lauren’s phone call. There’s clearly no love lost between Kathy and Lou, as she attempts to talk her daughter out of telling Matt and Brad about the baby lost so long ago. But Lauren thinks Brad, as the father, has a right to know and she hates keeping secrets from her husband. Realising her daughter will not be dissuaded, Kathy reveals the real reason she has tried to change Lauren’s mind: the baby was not stillborn – she lived. Lauren is shocked to the core.

Troubled that Josh has been taking illegal painkillers, Amber seeks Karl’s advice about a ‘friend’ with a drug problem. Karl urges her to come clean, and she finally does. Josh breaks down and his family are devastated.

Georgia is conflicted over Kyle’s desire for a memorial ceremony, unsure if it will help her move on. She ultimately agrees. The pair share a moving ceremony with family and friends. But Kyle is shocked when she later informs him she’s going back to work. She is getting on with her life.

Bailey’s perplexed by the level of animosity between Lou and Kathy and eventually discovers it’s all based on a silly understanding.