Lawrence and Chrissie turn on Rebecca (VIDEO)

Rebecca's good deed for her sister goes terribly wrong when she loses their late mother's precious engagement ring

Rebecca’s out to build bridges with her sister Chrissie. Wanting to do something nice for her, she decides to get their mum’s wedding ring, which Lawrence has recently given Chrissie, engraved. But when the ring goes missing, Rebecca’s in big trouble with her dad and older sibling, and her predicament gets worse when Lawrence learns she’s involved Robert Sugden in the family business.

Later, upset at the mess she’s in at home, Rebecca tells Ronnie she’s thinking of leaving the village.

Moira’s plan to get revenge on a client backfires when he ends up placing a contract with her after all. With Moira having stolen his car and punted it on to Ross to sell, she’s in schtuck when the client tells her his car had precious cargo in the boot: an urn with ashes in! Can Moira get them back or will Ross have already sold the motor?

Charity fumes when Leyla and Megan reject the idea of using the Woolpack as a venue for a hen do. Needing the business, the wily pub landlady decides to play dirty…


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