Lawrence is getting his affairs in order at Home Farm. After agreeing on a figure to give Robert as part of the divorce settlement from Chrissie, there are other personal matters to attend to. When Chrissie plucks up the courage to tell her dad she wants him to do a DNA test to find out if he’s her biological dad, Lawrence floors her by revealing there’s no point as he already knows he isn’t her father!

Stuck in the middle, Tracy feels terrible when Pollard learns Jacob has booked a flight to Portugal on Pollard’s credit card. Her attempt to stop him has failed. Will angry Jacob agree to see David?

Already struggling to keep Liv under control, Aaron’s problem comes into sharp focus when the police arrive to say his wayward sister has been caught shoplifting.

Robert has spent his divorce cash on buying Charity’s half of her company. Nicola’s not happy about it, but Jimmy tells his wife to think of the money.

As more people learn of Edna’s death, Ashley tells Laurel that Edna wanted him to conduct her funeral.